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Letter: Show us the savings in Obamacare repeal

Show us the savings in Obamacare repeal

Hot air predominates in the “repeal Obamacare” rhetoric put forward by the repeal advocates. What hasn’t been seen are some mathematical figures of savings resulting from that repeal to ordinary people living from paycheck to paycheck or living on a fixed income. Tax-free medical savings accounts might benefit those wealthy enough to enroll in such a plan, but that does not include those who enrolled in the Affordable Care Act to obtain their first health insurance plan. Buying insurance across state lines is touted as a big cost savings. Show me the money!

Rep. Chris Collins is supposedly a populist like President Trump. Maybe he could elucidate some real savings figures in a town hall meeting. If that is too burdensome to him, let him put pen to paper and publish some expected cost savings for the Republicans’ and Trump’s “terrific” health care plan.

Harry Buckholtz


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