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Letter: It’s obvious we need universal health care

It’s obvious we need universal health care

According to an article in The News, about 23 percent of the population is covered by Medicaid and another 20 percent is covered under the Affordable Care Act. About 15 percent of the population is over 65, which means they are on Medicare. Throw in some state plans for underage children and prisoners and it appears that about 60 percent of the population is covered by some form of government-backed health care. So it’s time that we just have Medicare for everyone.

It’s ridiculous that we have such a fragmented system where one person gets a great plan, one gets a fair plan, one a lousy plan or no plan at all. Big copays, big deductibles, little ones, freebies. Prisoners get better care and free dental, too.

With a universal plan, you could go to any doctor, any pharmacy and any hospital in the country. Employers would never have to worry about premium increases again. Procedures and drug prices could be stabilized and the insurance companies could still be the plan administrators.

But the only fair way to pay for this is with a GST-type national sales tax, coupled with some copays to keep people from running to the doctor with a hangnail. That way everyone would chip in for their care.

There must be a way. And just think, you’d never read another article about people with no health care again. Sounds good to me.

George Knab


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