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Letter: Criticism of Trump has crossed the line

Criticism of Trump has crossed the line

I am writing in rebuttal to the letter, “Trump is mentally unfit to occupy the Oval Office” from an individual having his doctorate in education.

The writer stated that he did a “web search” to diagnose President Trump as a “pathological liar, delusional, having ADHD and narcissistic sociopathic personality.” The writer also stated that he was not a mental health expert and it was his opinion.

As a former mental health professional (24 years), I found his statements very disturbing. How can you allege that Trump has a mental illness when you are not a professional and have never performed a comprehensive mental health assessment on him? This writer crossed the line. There is a big difference between an opinion and a character assassination, which this was.

Trump deserves respect, regardless of your point of view. We need to stop criticizing him and come alongside of him to show our support. I can only imagine how powerful, prosperous and blessed our country would be if “we the people” would put our differences aside and put all our energy and passion into unification instead of division.

Marisusan Stiles, M.S.


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