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Letter: Conservatives need to remain vigilant

Conservatives need to remain vigilant

The controversy goes on. Not only are we at war with ISIS, but on our own shores. We have opposition to a sane way of life. There are those who wish to put sanity in the grave! We find the former attorney general making rounds in colleges trying to promote the Democrats’ agenda.

Eight years ago, there was crying in the streets when Barack Obama was elected. Most people settled in and gave the first black president a chance to see what he could do. The result, of course, was unrest and a do-nothing president. We conservatives must stay vigilant and offset the rhetoric that fills the media.

Obama, unlike past presidents, will not give it a rest. He will try to destroy our peaceful lives. He is like an open sore that will not heal. In 2018, we again will have to voice our displeasure with the crying theatrics and the undermining of our most precious values – life. There is no greater power than prayer and our right to vote. We will not be shouted down or intimidated away from sanity.

Let’s give President Trump a chance. He has enough on his plate. Let’s continue to clean the swamp.

James Lenahan


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