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Letter: Keep all walkways clear to prevent falls, injuries

Keep all walkways clear to prevent falls, injuries

If you’ve lived in Western New York for any number of years, you have probably slipped or fallen on an icy surface. If you needed a reminder of how serious that kind of fall can be, all you had to do was tune in to see the face of Channel 4 anchor Don Postles. He slipped on his own icy driveway, resulting in two black eyes, a concussion and facial injuries that required 15 stitches. It was a pretty gruesome injury.

It reminded me of the many hazards that outdoor workers face this time of year. Although their jobs are not thought to be dangerous, you can see what can happen after a simple fall. Whether it’s the postal carrier, the pizza deliverer or the meter reader, it is vitally important to keep your walkways and driveways free of ice and snow.

In addition to people who work outside are the people who walk outside. Untreated walkways force people to walk in the street, which can be more dangerous. The elderly are even more susceptible to injuries trying to navigate in these conditions.

So, don’t be fooled by one of the mildest Februaries in history. There’s still some winter left. Let’s do what we can to make it end safely for all.

Jack Lewis

Lake View

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