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Del Paxton to celebrate debut LP release at Mohawk Place

The hype for Buffalo emo trio Del Paxton’s LP “All Day, Every Day, All Night” has been growing as the much-anticipated album’s release – March 3 at Mohawk Place – quickly draws near. From premieres on influential pop-culture sites like Stereogum, the A.V. Club, Uproxx and Impose, to features, interviews and playlist adds by tastemakers KEXP, New Noise and Apple Music, the buzz is growing.

“It’s been really nice and gratifying to read positive reviews from publications we respect, and to just hear people say nice things about the record,” said bassist/vocalist Zack Schoedel. “We’ll be touring a little bit and playing a few festivals in the springtime, so we’ll see then if the internet hype translates to physical turnouts at shows.”

The group found itself in this position a couple of years ago after sharing its breakthrough freshman EP “Worst.Summer.Ever.,” turning the young band into a bit of a blog darling. That growing hype surrounding Del Paxton caught the attention of California by way of Massachusetts indie/emo label Topshelf Records, which wished to add the three-piece to its impressive list of acts.

“It was a pretty informal conversation that developed through email,” Schoedel explained. “They contacted us initially around the time “Worst.Summer.Ever.” came out to congratulate us on the release and to inquire if we’d be interested in working with them in the future, to which we responded with a resounding ‘yes.’ They were one of our favorite record labels before we started talking to them, so of course, that was incredibly exciting.”

Guitarist and vocalist Dylan England said the label has released music from some of his favorite bands ever, including a band called the Sirs, which featured his best friend’s little brother.

“We’ve had a ton of great experiences with their bands through DIY shows and whatnot,” England said, adding Del Paxton played a show with Topshelf artist Ratboys in Albany. “I just think that’s neat, ya know?”

Despite Del Paxton’s on-the-rise profile, the trio still finds itself most comfortable playing music in a house. Over the last couple of years, the group has become a leading figure in Buffalo’s DIY music community, from playing in countless basements around the West Side to providing a couch for touring bands passing through town. Much of that sensibility has carried over from the Ithaca hometown of Schoedel and drummer Greg McClure.

Friends ever since McClure “overheard [Schoedel] playing Rage Against the Machine riffs on the bass in seventh grade,” the two have spent half of their lives playing music together. They grew up in Ithaca’s vibrant DIY scene, which Schoedel called one of the most impressive in the country.

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“Ithaca Underground is a nonprofit organization that puts on all-ages shows, involving local kids as volunteers in event planning, art projects, etc. They go out of their way to ensure anyone who wants to come to a show feels welcomed and comfortable unconditionally, which is something I know is important to all of us,” Schoedel said.

The pair’s eventual relocation to Buffalo, and the subsequent team-up with England, saw those mentalities carry over to the musicians’ new musical home.

Schoedel said the DIY community is the most comfortable and natural environment for the band. But he adds he understands that not everyone feels inclined to go to house shows.

“People might feel awkward showing up to a strange house for a show where they don’t know anyone. But this is why the principle of radical inclusivity in DIY is so important,” Schoedel said. “I would also add that this doesn’t mean we’re ethically opposed to playing bigger venues. We do, from time to time. The house show scene has just always felt the most natural for us.”

While Mohawk Place (47 E. Mohawk St.) isn't exactly a house show, Del Paxton will be surrounded by a number of its fellow DIY acts like Slow Cooker, Sonny Baker, Yellow House and VWLS for the release party. Further event details can be found here.



What: Del Paxton release party with Slow Cooker, Sonny Baker, Yellow House and VWLS

When: 7 p.m. March 3

Where: Mohawk Place, 47 E. Mohawk St.

Admission: $5

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