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Did anyone else hear that loud clap during President Trump's joint session to Congress?

As President Trump addressed a joint session of Congress last night, Americans heard him talk about immigration reform, repealing Obamacare and tax reform.

Trump touts actions, is open to immigration reform in speech to Congress

Americans also heard an extremely loud clap close to a microphone on at least three TV stations, which include ABC, NBC and CNN.

Naturally people tweeted about it:

The loud applause mostly occurred after Trump introduced his guests, Jamiel Shaw Sr., Jessica Davis and Susan Oliver, three Californians whose relatives were killed by immigrants; and Corrine Owens, widow of Navy Seal William Ryan Owens.

Didn't hear the clap or watch the speech? Listen around the 57 minute mark. The loud applause continues on and off until the hour-and-four-minute mark in the clip below:

Collins stays busy on social media during Trump's speech

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