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Front page, Feb. 28, 1917: U.S. entry to World War I is 'imminent'

Here are some highlights from the Buffalo Evening News of Feb. 28, 1917:

* By all accounts, the United States' entry to World War I is "imminent." After Americans were killed in the sinking of the Laconia by German torpedoes, President Woodrow Wilson wanted to arm American ships. There was jockeying in the Senate to filibuster the bill giving Wilson this power, but ultimately, Wilson could use administrative order.

* Citizens spoke out against the Kenefick Bill during a public meeting, which would separate the Buffalo Board of Education from the City Council. The article reports: "There were many and strange views advanced by the opponents of the Kenefick Bill. Few held like opinion as to the way to adjust the affairs of the department of education."

* The Buffalo Evening News continued to push citizens to take action against the trolley car company's refusal to make improvements. The article reads: "Persons from every line of business, men and women, should tell the council of street car conditions and insist that the health commissioner be given authority to deal with the simple problems taken up in the ordinances."

Here's the front page of the Buffalo Evening News from Feb. 28, 1917:

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