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Letter: Trump is mentally unfit to occupy the Oval Office

Trump is mentally unfit to occupy the Oval Office

Donald Trump is our president and this is what I’ve observed: his incessant claims of unsubstantiated, massive voter fraud; insults of foreign leaders; chaotic management style; constant misrepresentations; childish and abusive tweets; and his total meltdown in the press conference announcing his new labor secretary nominee. His performance is pitiful.

There’s an elephant in the room that we’ve been ignoring. The elephant continues to swell and dominate the room, and still we ignore the obvious. Disregard his Russian overtures, his blatant conflicts of interests, his questionable policy initiatives. These are fodder for other essays. Fellow citizens, here’s the elephant in the room. Trump does not have the mental fitness to occupy the most powerful office in the world. He is undisciplined, untrustworthy, delusional, easily provoked, vindictive and astonishingly self-absorbed. He is void of empathy and feelings of shame; those personal characteristics that keep most of us civil. Trump’s presidential conduct is so out of the norm that he defies comparison with any predecessor.

This is my opinion and I am not a mental health expert. Hence, don’t take my word. You’ve seen his act for over a year. You’ve obtained a sufficient sample of his behavior to draw conclusions. Now do what I did. Web search the following terms that have been linked with him: pathological liar, adult attention deficit and hyperactive disorder, and narcissistic sociopathic personality. Stick to sites of medical legitimacy and search for symptom descriptions. You will be disturbingly enlightened.

Whatever your position, you should find disturbing the thought of this man managing a major crisis: environmental disaster, Russian incursion, terrorist attack, disease pandemic or crashing stock market.

Thomas Golaszewski, Ed.D.

East Amherst

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