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Letter: President believes that lies are truth

President believes that lies are truth

When a leader tells you that black is white, war is peace and lies are truth, you realize that George Orwell was off by only 30 years or so. 1984 didn’t arrive until 2017.

A squeaker of an election in which a mere 77,000 votes spread over three Midwestern states were the difference? A huge landslide, the biggest since Ronald Reagan.

Refugee families being admitted into the country after a years-long application and review process? A country overrun by terrorists flooding unchecked across the border.

An administration of billionaires that has already lost nearly a dozen appointees to scandal or fired for personal disloyalty? That’s “draining the swamp.”

A series of poorly thought-out and implemented executive orders, and ever-changing foreign policy positions made by only two men in a room, neither of whom has any experience in governing? A “fine-tuned machine.”

Barely more than a third of the populace has a favorable opinion of the leader in his first month, the lowest such approval rating in history? It’s “an incredible movement” that is “sweeping across our country.”

Black is white. War is peace. Lies are truth.

Patrick Henry

Orchard Park

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