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Letter: Collins’ constituents are still waiting for answers

Collins’ constituents are still waiting for answers

On Presidents Day, residents of the 27th Congressional District gathered at Rep. Chris Collins’ office in Lancaster to request a town hall meeting. We talked, laughed and compared signs that were inscribed with our words and designs, each one as unique as the individuals holding the signs. Conservatives, independents and liberals all gathered. We listened to each other. Our voices resounded as one.

In an interview, the congressman said we were “disrespectful” and “disruptive.” We exercised our First Amendment right to peacefully assemble and petition. Participants took care to stay out of the way of other plaza offices and their occupants. His comments demonstrate that he devalues our voices and our right to gather.

Our calls, emails and letters to Collins have left us waiting for response. We simply ask for a productive town hall meeting. This is our district. Our politicians are beholden to us. In a time when political chaos surrounds us, we can still practice the freedoms put in place for us. We assemble to petition Collins and, despite what some believe, we were not paid to do so.

Teresa Kaczynski


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