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Letter: Billboard was an attempt to make our voices heard

Billboard was an attempt to make our voices heard

The Chris Collins billboards have drawn a spate of attention – everyone seems to be talking about them. No wonder! Our congressman is dressed like “Where’s Waldo” and his constituents haven’t been able to talk to him.

I’m one of those constituents. I’m a registered Republican who voted for Collins. I thought I would be able to tell him how concerned I am about keeping my Social Security and Medicare benefits intact. I thought he would listen to my concerns about making sure everyone pays taxes so I’m not stuck carrying more than my fair share. I thought I could tell him how deeply concerned I am about protecting our wonderful outdoors so my children and grandchildren can enjoy being close to nature.

I can’t. I’ve called his office and even visited once in person. They don’t have answers to my questions. They promised to send me answers, but that hasn’t happened.

Collins’ spokesman said Collins meets regularly with constituents at “hundreds of events” in his district. I’m fine with that. But when I called his office for more information, I was told none of the offices has his schedule.

I didn’t want to spend money on a billboard – and I’m pretty sure the other 121 constituents who contributed had better things to do with their hard-earned cash – but quite frankly, what’s a constituent supposed to do?

Cecily Guzzetta Molak

Honeoye Falls

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