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From the Home Front: Take a seat and enjoy some color

Recent warm days have me thinking about spring colors, which is why I really love the turquoise dining chairs I saw on the Better Homes & Gardens website.

The turquoise spindle-back chairs – in different but complementary styles – surrounded a farmhouse-style dining table.

Somebody better keep me away from the paint department at my neighborhood hardware store until I think this through more carefully.

Colorful chairs in the kitchen or a casual dining room? How fun.

I’ve seen chairs painted colors straight from the Crayola crayon box many times before – in books, magazines, on Pinterest and in homes I have visited  - including the one shown above in the Elmwood Village, our featured Home of the Month last April. You can read the story here.

There are so many options. Paint a set of chairs the same color but keep the seat or legs natural. Paint a set of chairs two alternating colors. Unify different style chairs by painting them the same color.
So while this is nothing new, many of us get the urge to paint something – anything! – as spring approaches.

The end result does not have to look like something one might expect to find in Barbie’s Dreamhouse (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Painted chairs can look quite sophisticated. In one of its DIY projects available online, Rustoleum shows modern kitchen chairs painted Classic Navy, using a satin enamel spray paint.

You can decide how elaborate of a project you want to make this. But if you’re thinking of simply prepping and painting your chairs without getting too fancy with decorative finishes or fine detail work, suggests going with a bold color.

Some ideas from the website: “Try bright yellow for a cheerful set of chairs or consider a striking cobalt for a more sophisticated look. Emerald green, turquoise and coral are other fun shades to consider. If you want to get even more creative, use a different shade of one color to create an ombré effect. Or mix and match a bunch of pastels including yellow, mint, blue and pink.”

Not into painting? You don’t have to look far for dining chairs in a variety of colors.

IKEA sells polypropylene chairs in solid yellow as well as light blue with chrome legs; both can be stacked if need be. Pier 1 offers an X-back wooden dining chair in Smoke Blue. shows a retro-inspired chair with molded plastic seat and beechwood legs in pink, black, blue, orange, red and white.

And the Windsor dining chair from the Threshold collection at Target comes in several colors as well – teal, white, yellow, gray, mint and navy.

Not a bad way to update your house for spring.

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