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Letter: Critics of Obama’s travel strangely silent on Trump

Critics of Obama’s travel strangely silent on Trump

I read with great interest the Feb. 17 article, “Trumps’ lifestyle is logistical nightmare,” noting how the security costs for President Trump and his family members are higher than ever before due to their worldwide business interests.

The taxpayers are footing the bill for a reported $500,000 per day for Melania’s Secret Service and security detail for her to reside in Trump Tower in New York. Millions more were spent for sons Eric and Donald Jr. to attend the opening of a Trump-branded golf course in Dubai, which is 8,000 miles overseas!

Maybe our government made a mistake by not agreeing to let Trump use his own security people instead of the Secret Service?

Where are all the people who complained about President Obama’s “expensive” vacations now? This hypocrisy is beyond comprehension!

Bob Simonds


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