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Bucky Gleason's Power Take: Where's the outrage over mistreatment of Wiggins?

Several days have passed since former WNBA star Candice Wiggins revealed she was targeted by other players for being openly heterosexual (and popular) during her career. She claimed she was bullied by players who enforced different rules for her in an effort to get her to conform.

Wiggins’ accusations ran Monday in the San Diego Union-Tribune. She stood by her comments two days later while clarifying a previous statement in which she said “98 percent” of WNBA players were gay. She had attached a number to emphasize how she felt outnumbered, not as an actual statistic.

OK, so where is the outrage? If the situation was reversed, if she was a gay woman claiming to be bullied by straight women based on sexual preference, her story would have received more attention and turned into a national debate. Players who subsequently criticized her would have been met with resistance.

I’m a white, straight male with little experience in discrimination. But I know this: It works both ways. Neither should be tolerated.

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