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Letter: Americans make change peacefully, not violently

Americans make change peacefully, not violently

Americans have a nation of laws. It makes us special because we the people have made the laws and we follow them. If we don’t like our laws, we use our Congress and our courts for change. Our flinty common sense and optimism have always been present, and so far, the voices of clear thinkers at the voting booths, courts and town hall meetings have carried the day for America.

We make change, not violent revolution. And we try new things, not always successfully, and we make further changes. We are a nation of citizen watchdogs, and only we can keep our nation a good place for our children.

We don’t need masked agitators on college campuses and in our streets with boards and bricks. And when these agitators, not peaceful demonstrators, destroy our property, they need to be arrested. Not on our watch, not around our children. The media should give us the facts, just the facts. Don’t celebrate political meanness and broken laws over and over on prime time television around our children.

For our children, the song we are singing is: Give truth a chance. Give common sense a chance. For our children.

Janet Pope Schumer


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