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Letter: Why didn’t GOP formulate a health care replacement?

Why didn’t GOP formulate a health care replacement?

This in response to a letter I received from Rep. Chris Collins. I felt compelled to contact him to let him know my feelings on repealing the Affordable Care Act. Fix it, tweak it, make it better, but why start all over by repealing it? This seems an unnecessary waste of time and taxpayer money. His letter stated why the ACA is so bad and that he will continue to work to repeal and replace it.

I was very happy that President Barack Obama chose to make addressing health care his signature goal. As with any huge endeavor, start the process, identify the problems and fix them. Obama recently said that if anyone comes up with a better plan that continues to insure so many people and is more affordable, he will publicly endorse it.

For the past eight years, Republicans openly vowed to stop and/or repeal everything Obama did because they weren’t going to let him succeed, no matter what. Now they want to repeal this important act but, by their own admission, they have nothing to replace it with. In all of this time, they still haven’t come up with any kind of plan. So is repeal some sort of vengeance? And then what? Those of us who have purchased our plans on the exchange are out of luck? It’s time for Republicans to put up or back off.

Kim Barnett

West Falls

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