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Letter: We need to take care of our own people first

We need to take care of our own people first

While I am as concerned as most kindly disposed people are over the plight of the refugees seeking to find a home in the Buffalo Niagara region, I am even more concerned about the situation of the thousands of homeless single women in our own backyard.

I have recently had a relative become homeless. She is 50 years old and unable to work because of a physical disability. SSI has deferred her case until October! So she must depend on welfare.

She is not alcoholic, drug addicted or mentally ill, except for some not unexpected depression over her situation. Helping her find safe, sanitary housing has been impossible. Social Services allows $335 per month for rent for single women. Believe me, there is nothing out there for that price and there are evil individuals more than willing to exploit these homeless women.

We must help our own. There are many agencies and sympathetic individuals rallying for the refugees. Who is helping these women?

Please let your legislators know that the word “welfare” should mean keeping our own citizens off the streets by providing reasonable rent allotments.

Geraldine Zannoni

Niagara Falls

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