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Letter: Clean Energy Standard is investment in future

Clean Energy Standard is investment in future

If anti-nuclear groups that are against the Clean Energy Standard (CES) were truly for a greener economy, then they would recognize the important role upstate nuclear plants play in our clean energy future (“Plan to bail out nuclear power plants will cost cities millions,” Feb. 12 News). New York’s nuclear plants provide over 60 percent of the state’s carbon-free emissions and upstate nuclear plants alone help to avoid 16 million tons of carbon dioxide each year.

During the debate on the CES, the opposition claimed that the Cuomo administration’s goals could be met by investing in alternative energies. Alternative energy is a part of the solution, however, maintenance of existing zero carbon resources is equally important. A Brattle Group report found the zero-emissions credit component saves consumers a billion dollars a year, or $12 billion by 2030, compared with replacing upstate nuclear plants immediately with 100 percent renewables.

Realistically, the AGREE (Alliance for a Green Economy) position will result in more coal, more oil and more natural gas, plus a higher dependence on these commodities.

The CES is an investment in our clean energy future transition. The bottom line is that it will benefit all of the state’s residents.

Ted Skerpon

Business Manager

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 97

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