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Wegmans sells out of Trump wine targeted by boycott

A recent boycott of Trump Winery products at Wegmans stores in Virginia seems to have had the opposite of the intended effect.

A women's rights group, unhappy with Trump's policies, asked the grocer last week to stop carrying Trump Winery products. The group said its members would stop shopping at the store if Wegmans failed to do so.

The wine, as a result, has been taken off the shelves. But not by the company – by customers.

Wegmans said Friday it has seen sales of Trump wines jump as news of the boycott spread after the Washington Post first wrote about it earlier this week.

"The demand has increased in our Virginia stores over the last few days," said Jo Natale, a Wegmans spokeswoman.

As of late Thursday, she said, some of the company's 10 Virginia stores had sold out of all five varietals of Trump wine. By Friday, all but one store was sold out and the remaining store had just one varietal left.

Natale could not say how many bottles of Trump wine the stores had before the boycott. "I know that shelves were fully stocked and there was replenishment inventory, too," Natale said.

About 300 members of the National Organization for Women in Virginia, who have been vocal about their opposition to President Trump, were behind the boycott. Wegmans declined to pull the wine, saying demand is the only factor that determines what the company sells.

Trump bought and rebranded the former Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard in Charlottesville, Va., 2011.

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