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Letter: Trump is behaving like a spoiled child

Trump is behaving like a spoiled child

Seems like every day President Trump’s childish tweeting and personal chastisement of just about anyone who doesn’t agree with him is creating a whiplash of negative response by our citizenry. And rightly so!

Trump’s actions remind me of a child who is told he cannot have dessert because he hasn’t eaten his dinner. The child initially pouts, hoping to reverse the edict. When that doesn’t work, he storms out of the dining room, runs to his room and turns the stereo up to 10, again hoping that the noise will evoke a remissive response and that the door will soon open with one of his parents offering a bowl of ice cream. Hence smugly getting his way.

Trump is accustomed to getting his way, so when he doesn’t, or is rebuked, he pouts, retreats to his man-cave and then verbally lets those who disagree with him know that he is not happy.

His latest irrational response to Judge Neil Gorsuch’s comments, and his offensive railing of the judiciary in general, clearly indicate that no one, even his nominee for the Supreme Court, is safe from Trump’s invidious rhetoric.

Scott H. Patterson


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