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Letter: President needs to take Russian threat seriously

President needs to take Russian threat seriously

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump promised to look for a way to work with Russia. Now that he has become president, he is reluctant to take a hard approach to dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This approach is a major mistake and Putin will likely take advantage of a friendlier U.S.

When dealing with Putin, it’s important to know his background. He is a former KGB officer who ordered the invasion of Russian troops into two sovereign countries, Georgia and Ukraine. Putin has also ordered the death of various opposition figures who represent a threat to his power. Clearly, Putin is a very evil guy who must be stopped.

The Obama administration attempted to “reset” relations with Russia in 2009, but that did nothing to moderate Putin’s behavior. Instead of a soft approach to dealing with Russia, we must clearly show that Putin’s aggressive behavior in the region will not be tolerated. By fighting Russia’s energy monopoly to Europe and rallying our allies to conduct military exercises in the Baltic States, we can send the message to Putin that his turn making decisions is over.

Steven Quinlivan


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