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Letter: Governor’s plan to fund nuclear plants is mistake

Governor’s plan to fund nuclear plants is mistake

Another case of choosing corporate interests over the people. Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to bail out nuclear power plants at the expense of New York residents. While jeopardizing taxpayers and environmental safety, he continues to insist nuclear power is the technology of the future.

Cuomo plans to fund aging nuclear power plants while hiking up the price tag on consumer utility costs. Betting on 20th century old technology, the plan to bail out Chicago based-Exelon Corp. presents more risk than profits. Even worse, many taxpayers won’t even see any paybacks from these nuclear plants as it only would benefit a percentage of New Yorkers.

The future of renewable energy lies in the hands of smarter energy grids, including wind and solar. Consequently, it is absurd to believe that funding these failing power plants will benefit any consumer, either financially or environmentally.

NYPIRG is forming a coalition to help advocate and inform the public about the Cuomo tax and its effects on millions of residents. The tax will also be detrimental in our fight for a renewable sustainable energy system. You can learn more about this issue at

Giovanni Nunez

NYPIRG Intern, Buffalo

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