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Letter: DeVos is unqualified to be education chief

DeVos is unqualified to be education chief

As a retired middle school teacher and a present teacher-educator at the University at Buffalo, I would like to take issue with the Feb. 12 editorial cartoon by Nate Beeler regarding Democrats’ resistance to the new administration’s policies on education.

The new president’s choice for secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, is unqualified for the post. She has no degrees in education, no teaching experience and chose to educate her children privately. Her inability to speak to proficiency and growth, two key concepts in education, during her confirmation hearings highlighted her lack of understanding of basic principles. Imagine a carmaker who could not tell you the difference between a carburetor and a muffler!

President Barack Obama’s policy of Race to the Top and appointment of businessmen and bean counters Arne Duncan and John King Jr. to the post of secretary of education helped dig the hole schools and students are in now. There are many qualified American educators with years of experience in the field who could have been appointed. American educators know what is needed to fix schools, but our voices have been and continue to be ignored.

One online comment advised a parent, “If you don’t like education under this administration, just wait four years!” Four years is one-third of a student’s public school experience. Our children deserve better, and a qualified secretary of education would be a start!

Sylvia Smyntek-Gworek


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