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Letter: Collins makes it clear ethics mean nothing

Collins makes it clear ethics mean nothing

Rep. Chris Collins has stated Kellyanne Conway’s admitted violation of ethics standards and regulations should be responded to with “get a life.”

I am offended by such a denigrating, morally dismissive response – a wink and a nod to business as usual from an administration promising change. It brings to mind Jim Fisk’s response to his Robber Baron colleagues, who brought on the Panic of 1869 and the country to the edge of ruin. Fisk said at the time, “Nothing is lost, save honor.”

Perhaps the loss of honor is sufficient for Collins, the ends justifying the means. It is not for me, not now, not going forward. I weep to think that after four years of having abandoned ethics, morality and critical judgment, we will be left in Collins’ intellectual wasteland with the sole responsive counsel of “get a life.” I value honor more than that. I wish he did as well.

Robert Milch, M.D.


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