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Letter: America cannot ignore threat immigrants pose

America cannot ignore threat immigrants pose

Has this country forgotten about 9/11? Seems to me many of the protesters and writers to this newspaper have. The president of Syria stated that there is a 100 percent chance that terrorists are part of the immigrants fleeing to other countries, yet the left is ignorant to it. Look what is going on globally – Germany, France, Belgium and more.

The younger generation doesn’t remember 9/11. Our enemy does. The terrorists want to do it again, all over our great republic, as much as possible. How can the left be so blind to this? This is not fake news, it’s the truth!

If we do not properly vet immigrants from countries that can’t even vet their own, the left will say, “How did this happen?”

I would like to see our country be inclusive. But a pause is in order. I believe America can be enriched with quality immigrants, as it has for generations. There’s a fine line here. This is not a mean thing to protect our citizens and find a way to ensure, as best as possible, that they have the American dream first, and not an alternative motive.

Bruce Cranston

North Tonawanda

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