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City Hallways (Feb. 16): X-ray vision now working in City Hall

More security machines at City Hall

X-ray machines are now being used as part of the beefed-up security in City Hall.

So purses, briefcases and other items are now going through the machine, rather than being subjected to hand and visual checks by security officers.

That's in addition to metal detectors visitors already pass through to get into the building.

As an aside, I don't hear many complaints from visitors about the security. The one notable exception was from a high-powered defense attorney, who felt his secure attorney ID should enable him to avoid the screening in City Hall the way it does at New York State courthouses.

Petition asks for sanctuary city

I noticed an online petition calling on Mayor Brown to declare Buffalo a sanctuary city.

It had 2,572 signatures as of 9 a.m. today.

"Donald Trump's Immigration rhetoric is downright scary," the petition states."This is not what the United States stands for. We are a nation founded on immigration. We must protect our immigrants and Buffalo, N.Y., should be listed as a sanctuary city. I call on Mayor Byron Brown to make this so."

Brown has previously identified Buffalo as a resettlement city that welcomes immigrants and refugees. The city has never been declared a sanctuary city, and such a declaration, he said, isn't necessary. Here's a link to a story I did a couple weeks ago on Brown's position.

Food News
Ru's Pierogi, the Polish restaurant on Niagara Street, is requesting a food truck license so it can sell pierogis of all kinds all over the city.

Zoning  issue with lots of interest

Common Council has scheduled a public meeting on exclusionary zoning for 5:30 p.m. Feb. 28.

In today's Buffalo News and, here's story by my colleague Deidre Williams about Wednesday night's raucous school board meeting.

Today's calendar items

Council Education committee this evening.

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