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Letter: Ciminelli executives should drop sob story

Ciminelli executives should drop sob story

I am saddened to learn that Ciminelli Corp. has lost billions of dollars in construction contracts. Also that some members of management have resigned. Oh wait, they have landed somewhere else in a new job.

Do these people think the public just fell of a turnip wagon? Three of the firm’s executives have been charged with bid-rigging and numerous other crimes. They have allegedly cheated the local economy out of millions with their schemes and dominated the local construction industry for years.

Now they want us to believe that the U.S. attorney is railroading them and forcing them to be tried in New York City. Their families will be forced to move there to be near them at trial. Maybe the head man could help them out. Oh wait, he is at his second home in Scottsdale, Ariz.

I believe the taxpayers are sick and tired of paying too much for construction contracts that are, at best, “negotiated.” Our state government from top to bottom needs to be cleaned out.

Our governor cannot even remember that he was at a fundraiser in Buffalo that brought in tens of thousands of dollars a short time ago.

The Moreland Commission was disbanded when it got too close to the truth about sweetheart deals in state government.

I and many others are sick and tired of reading all these “alleged” transgressions that have been reported in our news media. I say: Go and get some results and convictions against these people and turn our state into a place where the citizens can be proud to live.

William Kraus


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