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Letter: President takes lying to a whole new level

President takes lying to a whole new level

“Millions of illegal voters,” a lie. “The media is not reporting terrorist attacks,” a lie. “Immigrants are pouring into the country,” a lie. How do my fellow Republicans continue to accept such statements?

It’s bad enough to cringe at President Trump’s sixth-grade vocabulary and equivalent comprehension of world affairs. It’s even worse to hear his outright denial of scientific and historical certainties.

But what’s most revolting to me is Trump’s allergy to truth. Yes, Dwight Eisenhower lied during the U2 incident to disavow our spy planes. Richard Nixon lied to save his neck, and Bill Clinton lied to save face. But what we see with Trump is a steady drip of bizarre falsehoods that defy belief and demand challenge.

It’s all right for Trump, the private citizen, to tweet his petty resentments and dwell in his fun house of distorted reality. But it’s not all right for the president of the United States to cry “fake news” and use “alternative facts” to obfuscate the truth. Trump is an embarrassment.

Joseph N. Weiss, Ph.D.


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