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Letter: Ramirez never strays from right-wing views

Ramirez never strays from right-wing views

When I first glanced at Michael Ramirez’s Feb. 9 editorial cartoon, I saw the baby in the high chair as part of the lineup featuring Thomas Jefferson, FDR and JFK. My initial reaction was that the baby was President Trump. I then read the cartoon heading, which indicated that I was mistaken, and the baby in the chair is the current Democratic Party. I should have known. Nearly 100 percent of the time, Ramirez shows us his extremely right-leaning visions. He earns his money this way.

Although I can’t remember the last time I saw things the same way as Ramirez, I do give The News a lot of credit for providing many views and opinions. Thank you for reminding me what our right to free speech looks like.

Kirk Frieh


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