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Letter: Collins needs to meet with his constituents

Collins needs to meet with his constituents

Constituent access to elected representatives is a cornerstone of a well-functioning democracy. While technology has improved the citizenry’s ability to lob messages at will to our elected officials, neither Facebook nor Twitter can offer the level of dialogue and engagement that an actual meeting with your representative affords. It’s an elected official’s duty to meet regularly with the people he or she represents.

However, Rep. Chris Collins of the 27th Congressional District does not seem to desire that level of engagement with his constituency, as evidenced by his failure to schedule a single town hall meeting in over a year. His website lists events going back to 2013, but not one event is a town hall. Callers to his office inquiring about coming meetings are informed that none are scheduled.

Collins places himself front and center in the controversies of today, accepting interviews from national print and broadcast media to voice his support on issues ranging from gun ownership for the mentally ill and investigations into non-existent voter fraud, but he refuses to return to his district to hear what his constituents think about those topics. Perhaps Collins is only interested in the opinion of his donors who can reach him on his cellphone?

I am one constituent who would like to share my thoughts with him face to face. Rep. Collins, your constituents are demanding that you meet with them. Fulfill your duty to them and schedule a town hall.

Renée A. Sutton


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