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Letter: Why is it so hard to move Williamsville toll barrier?

Why is it so hard to move Williamsville toll barrier?

Why are local elected officials unable to get the Thruway Authority to move the Williamsville toll barrier east of Transit Road to relieve congestion on Interstate 290 in Amherst and improve the air quality of Williamsville?

Should the people living off South Cayuga Road and working or eating at businesses in the area have to breathe air filled with exhaust from trucks and cars waiting at the toll booth in this highly populated area?

The regular delays caused by backups at this toll booth should be reason enough to move it east to reduce commute times and improve the health of Amherst residents. Add the 15 cents to the Batavia portion of the Thruway if the state needs the revenue that badly!

Amherst residents and workers are not asking officials to solve the federal debt or health care costs, but moving a toll booth 2 miles should be within our abilities as a community. With all the elected officials in Western New York, you would think they could at least deliver something this simple to improve the health and commute times for their constituents.

Aaron Walker


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