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Letter: It’s foolish to believe that we are immortal

It’s foolish to believe that we are immortal

We have one planet, one home, yet the Earth is finite, it is only so big. We know this because we have measured it. We have viewed it from the moon, a small and fragile blue marble. We have unearthed the bones of long dead dinosaurs and caused the extinction of more recent species.

With this knowledge, why do we persist in the notion that we are invulnerable and the Earth is limitless? About 97 percent of peer-reviewed scientific papers on the subject of climate change agree that it is real and that the human release of greenhouse gases is to blame. The hottest 10 years on record have all occurred since 1998 and every year for the last three has set a new record for global warmth. These are all verifiable facts, not opinions, yet President Trump claims that it is all a hoax by the Chinese and is set to pour even more filth into our air.

If we do not curb our lust for fossil fuel, and soon, we will so damage the delicate balance on our small blue marble that it no longer will support us. Species become extinct. We are vain to the point of arrogance, but we are not immortal, neither as individuals nor as a species.

Brian Cheverie


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