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Letter: Central Terminal should be the site of new train station

Central Terminal should be the site of new train station

Of all the current sites on the table for a new train station, the Central Terminal is the best choice. The main criticism against it is its location in a blighted neighborhood. Another, according to Tim Tielman, is that it’s not convenient for an intermodal train station. What?

First off, the condition of the neighborhood is precisely why this location should be used. It might just be the catalyst needed to jump-start revitalization. The surrounding area and landmarks such as the Broadway Market would benefit and support such an undertaking. Secondly, his comment is ridiculous. The Central Terminal was an intermodal train station. Trains, cabs, buses and automobiles all convened there. Perhaps what he is referring to is our unfinished light-rail rapid transit.

This is another great reason to use this location. Extending the LRRT to the Central Terminal on its way to the airport, where it desperately needs to go, makes sense. It makes more sense than sending it out to Amherst. It would serve two major stops from downtown Buffalo, and possibly many more in between.

Mayor Byron Brown has recently made a pitch to Albany for $21.6 million to revitalize the East Side, sprucing up Jefferson Avenue and fixing up some city-owned houses so that they can then be sold. Perfect. Another excellent reason to pursue the new Central Terminal train station and all that it brings.

All the news about the rebirth of Buffalo focuses mainly on Canalside, downtown, the Elmwood Village and Hertel Avenue, and that’s great. It’s now time to get to work on the East Side. Do the right thing, politicians. Put the train station where you all know it belongs – the new Central Terminal!

Paul Brodzik

Orchard Park

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