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Front page, Feb. 10, 1917: Buffalo Bisons manager escapes burning Boston hotel

Here are some highlights from the Buffalo Evening News from Feb. 10, 1917:

* President Woodrow Wilson isn't ready to enter World War I yet, leaving the next move up to Germany. Each day brings increased fear that more lives will be lost from Germans sinking American ships.

* The manager of the Buffalo Bisons and his wife narrowly escaped a fire at the Lenox Hotel in Boston, Mass. Mr. and Mrs. P.J. "Patsy" Donovan was in Boston to attend a funeral and lost all their belongings in the fire. They were taken down in a smoke-filled elevator shaft by a "daring elevator boy" through the burning floors.

* The headline "Mrs. Shubert asks divorce in local court" may seem like odd front-page news, but the couple was famous. Katherine Shubert was seeking a divorce from her husband, Jacob Shubert, who was a famous theater producer. The Shubert Theatre in New York City is now named after him. To avoid publicity, the couple traveled from the New York City to Buffalo for their divorce proceedings. Naturally, the Buffalo Evening News described the wife's court attire in detail: "Mrs. Shubert, a dashing blonde, attired a modish fur-trimmed suit."

* A conductor's failure to call out the stops on the Niagara Street trolley led to a fistfight. Two passengers become irritated when the conductor wasn't saying the street names and they missed their stop, so the three exited the trolley and engaged in a street brawl.

Here's the front page of the Buffalo Evening News from Feb. 10, 1917:

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