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Sabres' Eichel: Wasn't telling fans they couldn't boo

First, here’s what Jack Eichel said following Tuesday’s 5-4 overtime victory against San Jose, a win that came after Buffalo trailed, 3-1, entering the second intermission.

“We got the building going, got some energy in here after they were booing us off the ice,” Eichel said. “We win a game in overtime and everyone loves us again, so it’s interesting how that works.”

He was asked if he takes that personal.

“We didn’t play well for two periods, but that’s why it’s a 60-minute game,” Eichel said.

With the Sabres off Wednesday, the comments turned into a criticized talking point on local radio. Eichel was asked about the debate Thursday as the Sabres prepared to host Anaheim.

“I think a lot of people made that out to be something that it wasn't,” Eichel said in KeyBank Center. “If you look at my statement and what I said, it's completely factual. Nothing I said was opinionated.

“If I remember correctly, I said they booed us for two periods, then we come back and win a game and they love us again – which is exactly what happened. There’s no way somebody can argue that happening because that’s completely factual.

“I never said that there was something wrong with them booing us. We didn’t play well. We weren’t playing well.”

He made it a point to say he wasn't criticizing fans for booing.

“If we’re playing well then I expect them to be energized out there. If we’re not play well, then yeah,” Eichel said. “You can boo us if we're not playing well. If we're playing well, then be into the game and have some energy out there. I think that's the point I was trying to get at. I think it was taken a little out of context. So be it.

“I think people like to take things and run with them.”

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