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Letter: Parking in Allentown is tough in the winter

Parking in Allentown is tough in the winter

Parking has never been good in Allentown. This time of year it gets worse due to overnight parking restrictions due to snowplowing. The city does a very poor job of putting up the special signs warning cars about parking restrictions. There is only one on each side of Elmwood from Allen to Virginia (a 1-mile span).

What is happening is that at 1:30 a.m., when the rule comes into effect, patrol officers are coming and blanketing every car on both sides of the street with tickets.

There is nowhere for people to park legally in Allentown when they go to the bars at night this time of year. The residential side streets are filled to capacity with cars by 6 p.m.; parking illegally in a businesses lot is not the way to go; the only pay-to-park lot fits 10 cars and is always packed; and all of the street parking – Allen, Elmwood, Delaware – has overnight restrictions.

The city should consider a new set of signs for next year with parking restricted on the main commercial streets from 3 or 4 a.m. to morning versus the current 1 a.m.

Philip Szal


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