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Letter: It’s time to pull the plug on BMHA chief’s travel

It’s time to pull the plug on BMHA chief’s travel

After reading the article on the many travels of Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority Executive Director Dawn E. Sanders-Garrett, one thought kept coming to my mind: boondoggle.

Having had some experience myself going to professional “conferences,” I am well aware of the unsaid notion that these conferences represent boondoggles in the minds of many attendees.

Lavish hotels, expensive planned activities and gourmet dinners are common for members. They come at a high cost, too, with attendees’ employers footing the bill. While Sanders-Garrett claims that her multiple affiliations provide ways to harvest more money for the BMHA, even Board Chairman Michael Seaman admits a lack of success. Seems to me the only relevant meetings are the ones held in Albany and the Capitol, where directors can lobby lawmakers and housing officials directly.

Having lived in the Perry Projects in the early ’60s, and seeing how dilapidated they are now, only affirms to me Sanders-Garrett’s lack of commitment to her job and residents of the BMHA. An old saying definitely applies here: The party’s over!

Donna A. Gerber

Orchard Park

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