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Letter: If Trump wants support he must represent us all

If Trump wants support he must represent us all

The political right seems fixated with the notion that those on the left refuse to accept the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency and that all Americans need to put aside their concerns and support him now that he has ascended to the country’s highest office. As someone who did not support or vote for Trump, I completely accept the legitimacy of his win, however, until proven otherwise, I do not support the competency of his governance.

But I will begin to support the president when he begins to preside in a manner that represents all Americans, not just those on the far right. When he removes alt-right, white supremacist Steve Bannon from the White House. When he stops attacking people on Twitter. When he stops sucking up to dictators such as Vladimir Putin while alienating our allies such as Australia. So the ball’s in Trump’s court and I’m patiently waiting to rally around a competent, level-headed ruler.

Richard A. Piechowicz


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