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Letter: Establish safe zones in Syria for refugees

Establish safe zones in Syria for refugees

A recent letter writer, a Christian, said President Trump’s refugee program was not in line with his faith, and that people who don’t agree with Trump should make their voices heard.

As a Christian myself, I cannot think of anything more Christlike than the position and planning that Trump is taking on this issue, and if people would look at the situation with logic and reason versus emotion, they would agree.

For every one person the U.S. is able to take in as a refugee, there are thousands more behind him who we are unable to help. So what is the most humane, Christlike thing to do?

Trump has proposed the implementation of safe zones in Syria. Give all those who are being persecuted a place to be safe, not just the ones who can make it here. Then you destroy the enemy who is pushing evil, ISIS.

As for a temporary ban, it is in the best interests of the U.S. to ensure and protect the citizens of this country. If you look at what’s happening in Germany, you will see the carnage of terrorists coming in disguised as refugees. We have, throughout history, put temporary bans on refugees.

Taking in refugees is treating the symptoms. Establishing safe zones and eliminating the evil is truly the humane and Christlike thing to do.

People need to stop listening to the hysteria from the mainstream media. They got the election so wrong and hate Trump so much they can’t be objective on anything coming out of the White House.

Martin J. Dziwulski


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