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Letter: A better parking ramp would improve airport

A better parking ramp would improve airport

The article regarding Buffalo Niagara International Airport improvements left me unimpressed. As a frequent user of the airport, I feel the baggage improvements will help, but other additions of walkways and storage areas are not going to improve the daily flow of airport visitors and business fliers. Our airport is already quite good in so many ways, compared with many other midsize airports around the country, as shown by its J.D. Power rating.

What is missing is protected parking, such as the six-story parking ramps that already service more reasonable climates, like Baltimore, Charlotte and Pittsburgh, not to mention cities of equal winter issues, like Boston, Chicago and Detroit. Even Ontario’s GoTrain stations have included mega-parking ramps, allowing quick access to trains.

When the existing single floor of covered parking is gone (one covered floor, in Buffalo!) and fliers are forced to use the vast ground-level parking lots surrounding the airports, it is no fun when your 11 p.m. flight in January arrives after a general snowfall or, God forbid, a lake-effect event.

Weather is a major factor in Buffalo. Enhanced ramp parking will improve our access to the airport and will also pay for its share of the improvements over time. Let’s work on the things that will improve our commute, not get lost in fine-tuning an already very efficient airport.

Dick Friedman


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