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Bagels & Brooze celebrates National Bagel Day every Saturday

Last year we traveled around Western New York searching out places to celebrate National Bagel Day on Feb. 9. (Unfortunately all area Manhattan Bagels closed by last August.)

This year we suggest waiting for the weekend to head to the weekly Saturday Bagels & Brooze brunch party hosted by BreadHive Bakery at Hydraulic Hearth (716 Seneca St.).

The quirky weekly event runs from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. every Saturday until spring when the busy bees of BreadHive have to get back to the farmers' market circuit. (BreadHive Bakery is a worker-owned cooperative bakery that started in 2014.)

In essence, you can celebrate National Bagel Day every Saturday from now through spring.

We recently checked out the scene on what we have dubbed "Adventure Saturdays" — our attempt to get ourselves out of the house to prevent us from going stir crazy.

Thankfully the bagels/booze set up is pretty simple for those who don't like to think. The Hydraulic Hearth wait staff gets drinks and coffee (by Public Espresso) while you fill out your bagel order sheet.

There are lots of delicious drinks to choose from or for those in need of a jolt, a Wake Me Up shot like the Part of This Complete Breakfast shot — a mix of bacon bourbon, coffee liqueur and orange bitters. All shots are $5.

We started with a Beermosa (sparkling wine, wheat beer and fresh squeezed orange juice) and the Wilbur Bloody Mary made with bacon bourbon. A regular Bloody Mary made with stout beer and a Bloody Maria made with tequila are also on the menu.

Missing from the Wilbur Bloody Mary, left, is a green bean that was eaten before the picture was taken. The Beermosa is at right.

From the bubbly section of the drink menu, we ordered a bellini (sparkling wine and peach puree) and Hummingbird (sparkling wine with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice). Other bubbly available includes a regular mimosa with sparkling wine and fresh squeezed orange juice or a "nice pear" which mixes St. Germaine (a French elderflower liqueur) and pear nectar with sparkling wine. All drinks are $8.

The hummingbird, left, and the bellini are from the bubbly menu at Hydraulic Hearth.

Feeling like school kids we filled out our bagel order with pencils. It was a little confusing, but our helpful waitress noted that all we had to do is simply check which type of bagel (plain or everything) we wanted, then circle the type of sandwich to be made with the bagel. (Duh.)

Another option on the flip side of the the menu is a DIY area. Check off a bagel — plain or everything — then check off boxes of what you'd like on the bagel. Choose from spreads (including butter, cream cheese, chevre, almond butter, pesto, Nutella); fruit and vegetable (arugula, spinach, tomato, apple, banana, etc.); protein (house mozzarella, egg, lox, pancetta, smoked tofu, etc.,) and under the et cetera category items like black sesame seeds, capers and olives. From the DIY side of the menu, we built a spinach and egg bagel. Do-it-yourself bagels start at $2 for your bagel with additions priced accordingly. An egg is $2, spinach is 50 cents.

Once each person's sheet is filled out, walk them up to the folks from BreadHive waiting by the oven. Here they'll read over your orders and tally up your bill, so be prepared to pay for your bagels on the spot. (They do take credit cards.) The drink bill comes to your table separately from Hydraulic Hearth.

After turning in our bagel worksheets, we settled in to enjoy our drinks and the live music that got going shortly after our 10:30 a.m. arrival.

In no time at all our bagels were delivered. It might be a good idea to show up hungry. The bagel sandwiches are quite large. For those who aren't into bagels there are other items on the menu under sides that could be cobbled together for a breakfast. We saw one woman with a dish of the potato hash with cheese sauce ($4.50) topped with a single poached egg ($2). Also under sides is a granola parfait ($5) and for dessert, bread pudding ($5).

But we were there for the bagels.

The Bloody Harry ($10) with red pepper spread, First Light chevre, salty pancetta, tomato, arugula and red onion. Bagel sandwiches range from $6 to $10.


Another DIY bagel was a big house-made sausage patty that had a slightly sweet maple taste. House-made breakfast sausage is an additional $3.

The Cure ($9.50), a bagel done with prosciutto, First Light chevre, fig, apple and arugula was delicious.

By the time we left, the joint had filled up. Not only were our breakfast sandwiches delicious, we were fueled up for the day — the bagels carried us all the way to a late dinner.

Here are some more bagels and booze pictures from October 2016.

Folks eating at the bar and at tables during a recent bagels and booze brunch.


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