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Letter: President fails to realize diversity is our strength

President fails to realize diversity is our strength

There is a common thread to President Trump’s actions.

The ordering of a Mexican border wall is meant to keep out non-white immigrants. The resurgence of the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines is a direct affront to Native Americans. The immigration and refugee ban is meant to keep out Muslims. The Holocaust Remembrance Day statement deliberately omitted any mention of Jews. Accusations of voter fraud have historically been used to prevent black Americans from registering and voting. The threat of a trade war damages job prospects for middle-class Americans. The appointment of Stephen Bannon as not only his top political adviser but also to the principals committee of the National Security Council is a direct appeal to white supremacists.

This country is based on the ideals espoused in the Pledge of Allegiance, “with liberty and justice for all.” We have not always lived up to those words, but now is the time to say no to white supremacy, no to racism, no to religious bans, no to a president who seems to have deliberately sown chaos to distract and splinter opposition. It will not work. We will stand together as immigrants for Native Americans, Jews for Muslims, white Americans for racial justice, women for LGBTQ and men for women’s equality.

Trump has awakened a sleeping giant, because we are all at risk. We will speak out and vote not for our own self-interests but for the good of the whole. In our diversity is our strength.

Ann Williams

Grand Island

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