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Jay Skurski's Power Take: As a player, MJ's the 'GOAT.' But as a person ...

Like countless other 30-somethings, my bedroom walls were filled with Michael Jordan posters growing up.

The “Flu Game” is one of my favorite sports memories, and I have (what my wife would call an unhealthy) obsession with his sneakers (the Air Jordan XI is the best-looking shoe of all time).

Jordan, however, does plenty of things that give off the impression that he’s a hyper-competitive maniac. The latest example is a story told by the Golden State Warriors’ owner. In a recent radio interview, Joe Lacob relayed a story about how, while the two were out to dinner with other owners recently in New York, Jordan started telling anyone who would listen about how the Warriors’ 73 wins last season don’t mean anything because the team failed to win the championship. That win total is one better than the NBA-record 72 that Jordan’s Bulls previously held.

In a way, Jordan’s right. The Warriors’ 73 wins are diminished somewhat by not finishing the job. Lacob’s retelling of this particular story is just his version, but it does little to diminish the idea that while Jordan might be the greatest player of all time, he could use some work as a person.

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