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Bucky Gleason's Power Take: Buffalo needs Boston's sports attitude

Since 2002, after a 15-year championship drought, Boston-area sports teams have won 10 titles in the four major sports. They include five Super Bowls and a Stanley Cup, covering the two major professional sports offered in Buffalo.

Just know that Boston was Buffalo when it came to football and hockey before Bill Belichick showed up in 2000. The Patriots hadn’t won a Super Bowl until he arrived in 2000. The rebuilding Bruins were still in ruins in 2007, when the Sabres returned to the conference finals for a second straight season.

Belichick helped restore a winning mindset in Boston. The Pats’ first title may have contributed to the Red Sox ending their World Series drought. I’m convinced that expectations, raised from those successes, contributed to the Celtics’ title in 2008. In turn, it put pressure on the Bruins. They won the Cup in 2011.

In essence, Belichick raised the standards in Boston. He made it clear that good wasn't good enough, that progress shouldn't pass for success while instilling a winning attitude. Meanwhile, poor leadership and continuous failure lowered the bar in Buffalo, where a losing mentality has persisted for far too long. Buffalo needs an attitude adjustment.

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