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Letter: Trump worked for years to delegitimize Obama

Trump worked for years to delegitimize Obama

Rep. Chris Collins recently made an extremely demeaning statement, saying Rep. John Lewis, an icon of the civil rights movement, was acting like a child, and used similar terms to describe those who are not supporting President Trump. There have been letters to the editor with the same sentiments. The hypocrisy of these statements is glaring.

For years, Trump worked to delegitimize the presidency of Barack Obama by denying his U.S. citizenship, without any evidence at all. Republicans in Congress have wasted time and taxpayer money to launch numerous investigations to try to undermine the former administration, including several investigations of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, again with little substantial reason.

To the contrary, there are many legitimate reasons, based on facts, to question the election of Trump, including Russian hacking, ties of several members of his administration with Russia, voter suppression efforts and multiple potential conflicts of interest. Yet we are supposed to ignore all of that and “get on with it” because their candidate won.

As a concerned citizen, I find this attitude frightening. I would hope that all Americans, regardless of political party, would want to be sure that our democracy is intact. To dismiss real concerns by saying that the Democrats are being “crybabies” is honestly appalling.

Julia Schrader


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