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Letter: Trump is smart to ban immigrants temporarily

Trump is smart to ban immigrants temporarily

Two issues come to mind. One, when progressives say we need a mainstream Supreme Court justice, they put the high court in the political realm. The Supreme Court was intended to be independent and apolitical. We need justices who read the Constitution and the law, understand what they mean and base decisions on that understanding. Their intent should not be to support a particular political philosophy.

Two, the emotional response to the temporary ban on immigrants from certain countries mystifies me. In checking the countries involved, all are majority Muslim populations, so calling them Muslim is a statement of fact. Some of these countries are the countries of origin of some perpetrators of recent global terrorist events. For our own safety, better vetting seems a necessary decision. Humanitarian and religious sensitivity to desperately needy people is an American value, but it does not supersede the need to make wise, though difficult, decisions.

Lora Lee Downer


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