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Letter: Russert was a great man, but don’t rename airport

Russert was a great man, but don’t rename airport

No one is prouder of Tim Russert than we are. To this day, we still mist up when his name is mentioned. We would support the airport placing statues and installations bearing his likeness and feting his contributions every 3 feet! However, nothing can take the place of the association of Buffalo with Niagara Falls.

We are old enough to remember the bombed-out look and feel of this area and all of the expensive promotions that just flopped. Naming our new airport “Buffalo Niagara” was a masterstroke of PR genius and no doubt played a role in the fantastic renaissance we are having.

On a related topic, we watched Chuck Todd cut his teeth on MSNBC and finally use them recently on “Meet the Press” in ways that we feel do Russert proud. There we go misting up again. Sigh.

Mike and Shirley Esch


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