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Cats, burps, a fiancee and other comedy material

After some persistence and some help from fellow comics, I’m starting to break into the North Carolina scene a bit. I have spots and shows coming up in six different venues over the next 19 days.

I don’t know yet what my goals are with the comedy scene here. My biggest goal is to continue to get paid work on the road, but I know that this local scene does have a place somewhere in that equation. I need local shows to get stage time and work out new material, and it’s good to know I can make that happen.

I’ve never really had a set writing process. I’m trying to figure that out how to best make writing part of my regular routine. The more time I have to write, the better off I am, but I find it hard to sit down and force myself to write. Some ideas just come to me out of the blue, or I have to be in the right mood. I’m sure I sometimes overthink it, and there is quality material right in front of my face.

My fiancee has a cat. I’ve never really been an animal person. When I moved out of my mother’s house at 19 years old, my mom and brothers immediately got a dog. They knew I wouldn’t be able to co-exist with one in the house. It’s mostly the hair that gets to me. I can be a little obsessive when it comes to cleanliness, and I always get a little skeeved out leaving someone’s house with their pet’s hair on my clothes.

Now I live with a cat. It’s not just any cat though, it’s my future-wife’s cat, Mini. She loves that cat, and when you love someone you have to make some adjustments. Our agreement is that she gets to keep the cat and I get to snore loud enough to shake the windows for six hours a night. It’s a pretty balanced deal.

I think my fiancee is in cat hair denial. I catch her buying fuzzy sweaters and other garments that hide the cat hairs. She looks great, but then when I want to wear something like a black t-shirt, I’m out of luck.

Even when I take my clothes out of the dryer, there are cat hairs. I suppose they are clean cat hairs, but still. “Oh, what am I up to? Just cleaning up some shirts. No, not laundry. I’m done with the laundry, now I’m lint rolling my clean clothes to get the clean hairs off.”

Another thing I learned from living with someone is apparently I burp a lot, sometimes like once a minute. I never noticed before because I grew up with four younger brothers and mostly lived alone since then. When you live with a girl, they count your burps, until they lose count, that is.

But we are happy and every day together is fun. If only I had some source of new material. And it might be tough to find some writing time tonight: Mini just got a new toy and there’s a new episode of The Bachelor.

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Brian will be writing about his stand-up life for the next two months, culminating in his March 25 appearance at Shea's. Visit each week to follow along.

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