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Letter: Pharmaceutical ads increase cost of drugs

Pharmaceutical ads increase cost of drugs

Are you concerned about the outrageous escalating sky-high cost of prescription drugs? We are being flooded with TV commercials for those drugs. One-quarter to one-third of each ad proclaims what the drug may do for you and two-thirds to three-quarters of it cautions how the drug could harm you. Millions upon millions of dollars are being spent by the pharmaceutical companies on those ads, which typically encourage their captive viewers to ask their doctors if those drugs are right for them.

The tremendous cost of these ads is reflected in the cost of drugs to those who end up taking them upon advice of their doctors. Ever wonder how the amount spent annually on this advertising compares with the amount actually spent annually on development and testing of new drugs?

Perhaps if the pharmaceuticals were denied a corporate tax deduction for the amount they spend on advertising directly to the general public, they would promptly stop doing so. Let them promote their products only to doctors, who decide what drugs their patients should take.

Limit the drug companies to informing our physicians on the pros and cons of their products and then let the drug companies earn a reasonable bottom line return on their R&D, production, promotion and distribution costs and no more. Let’s make the drug companies honest and keep them honest.

William Schuch

East Aurora

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